Sunday, June 14, 2009

Prohibitionists demolished in Dutch tribunal

Prohibitionists currently cite the recent bans on cannabis coffeshops in Amsterdam as evidence that liberal pot policies have failed. The truth is that the Christian Democratic Party (CDA), elected on an  anti-immigration platform, are simply cracking down on them in accordance with their ideology.

A coalition of reformers organised an independent tribunal to debate the policies. The Cannabis and Hemp Museum stumped up 200,000 Euros reward to any political party which could convince the tribunal that the ban had more positive effects than negative.

The CDA accepted the challenge and a key debate took place between a CDA MP and Hans van Duijn, former president of the Dutch Police Association and a member of LEAP (Law enforcement against Prohibition).  The court could not find any argument against the plea for legalisation of the cannabis market proposed by van Duijn.

The organisers had difficulties in finding people in favour of the ban: 

“There is no doctor in the Netherlands who is willing to maintain that cannabis is a major public health danger and a ban has any positive effect at all.”

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