Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Micro-control #2: Stop treating me like an infant

I am getting more and more offended at being treated like a child because of micro-regulation. My partner lately wears stylish little cloche hats quite often. Nope. At the Gaslight Hotel, on our second drink, she was told by a huge bouncer less than half her age to take it off. Why? 'It's against the rules'.

Some friends at the Kings Cross Hotel on St Patrick's Day, after having booked the top bar and spent about $500, were told by security to stop singing songs. I mean, come on!

The Bourbon has a good happy hour every evening. I went with my partner and her son, sat them down and went to the bar only to be told I could order only two drinks -- I had to get someone from my table to buy the third. Apparently the police want this rule applied during happy hour in case any of the Bourbon patrons get violent between 6 and 9pm.

In each of these incidents someone could have or did get angry. The regulations do as much to create problems as solve them. But Big Nanny seemingly won't stop until every aspect of our lives is regulated and enforced. Even then the bitch won't be happy.

It's insulting, humiliating and intolerable. It's a symptom of an immature culture and the increasing regulation just prevents it from growing up.


Anonymous said...

The Gaslight Hotel has a rule that says you can't wear a hat? What the !@#$ is that about?

The Editor said...

I'm assuming it's so you can't wear a hat or hoodie to disguise your identity from the cameras.

Cloche hats don't do that. But you know, dem rulzez iz dem roolzez massa. Obey or suffer force.

Welcome to Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Since when has it been a rule to dress so as to be identifiable for the security cameras? Or is this another example of our new police state that assumes us all guilty until proven innocent?