Friday, October 29, 2004

Community forums fail to deliver

Commitments made by council at community forums don't seem to be worth the hot air they generate, at least where Kings Cross is concerned.

Months after several main street issues were brought up at council and PACT community police meetings, nothong much has changed.

Repeated assurances that the library would be closed for only (another) two weeks are now shown to be laughable in the face of continued renovation activity in council's building. It will be open 'on Monday', we are told, and smick glass doorways leading to a formidable staircase are being revealed as I write. While that is a mere two weeks longer than promised, it it is still double the estimated time and part of an all-too-familiar pattern -- I have a brochure with Lucy Turnbull's face on it promising the library would be opened 'in a grand heritage space' IN EARLY 2004.

More interesting to those affected, though, is the snails pace of work on the eastern side of Darlinghurst road, and which businesses are getting work completed outside their premises and which are not.

Locals, doing the thinking for Ford Civil Contractors and council, came up with the idea that parking bays on that side of the street could be progressively opened for parking as they were completed -- proximity to parking is a great boost to turnover. Great idea, replied councillors and staff.

One subsequently was -- although it is full of contractors' vehicles all day which seem subject to no time limits and are not policed by the ever-vigilant council rangers. Two other bays now complete are occupied by stored granite tiles in one case and cement-mixing materials in another.

We note that the bay outside council's own property is complete, but businesses towards Bayswater road which have now been hidden behind construction fencing for seven months now, are still looking at cyclone wire and bare concrete.

On the other hand, as predicted by yours truly at the last Council Forum, the Bourbon already has its seating back on fresh new pavements (and good luck to them -- that's how it should be).

It certainly doesn't contradict the commonly held local opinion that the whole purpose of the streetworks was to drive 'the wrong kind' of businesses to the wall so the Cross could be opened up for unlimited cafes and the ubiquitous franchises so beloved of those selling over-priced units, and people desperate to get onto some sort of social 'A' list.


Anonymous said...

The library looks great. Parquet flooring on the main landing. Plenty of room for books. A huge amount of light coming from Darlinghurst Rd and Kellett Streets.

I have not seen the mezanine floor yet as it is not quite ready. A bright green counter on the landing is quite impressive.

Wheelchair access throughout the library appears excellent. There is a beaut area for magazines. If you are missing the views across the park then you will love the view down Kellett Street. (Drug dealers and users beware)

When the elevator is working it will be fantastic. If this is the dream of the Sydney Independents to bring back decency to the Cross then I say thank you.

Frank, Lucy, Dixie and the chemist - WELL DONE.

Anonymous said...

For those interested in the saga of the KX Library....

I've just been to the Library today being Monday 1 November and guess what - its closed. When asked when it would be open, I was told " Wednesday....maybe".