Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Police rammed TJ, say officers

Two Aboriginal Liaison officers from Redfern testified in the NSW Parliament last week that Police had rammed TJ Hickey during the police chase that led to his death, and the subsequent televised riot.

The teenager was found speared on federation-style fence posts after falling from his pushbike. His mother claimed at the time that she had seen the bike and the back wheel had been pushed in. Police denied that they had been chasing Hickey.

There are claims that the two Liaison Officers were pressured by police to remain silent. They did not testify at the Coburn Inquiry.

Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon and the Indigenous Social Justice Association are calling for the Coronial Enquiry to be re-opened and that independent legal representation be provided for the Hickey family.

'I have also written to the NSW Minister for Police to find out what investigations are being made into the allegations that police applied pressure to the Aboriginal Liaison officers not to speak out,' said Rhiannon

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