Monday, October 18, 2004

Construction workers reject library books

People started turning up today to return books to the new library in Darlinghurst Road. However workers at the construction site would not accept them. One borrower had travelled from Newtown especially to return his book.

Council had promised to open the library today -- at the last Crest Forum we were assured that the two-week gap between the closure of the temporary library and the opening of the new one was just to move and sort books etc. Glimpses into the site reveal, not a library entrance, but the renovation from hell. We'll pursue council for a new opening date.

Meanwhile there is no appreciable speeding-up of the roadworks despite announcements that some night work would and has taken place. See today's Daily Telegraph story by clicking the headline.

And the Llankelly Place lights have been blacked out for two months now. Council said they were having trouble with parts suppiers. Shame to see the roads still dug up, the lights off and no library as the Kings Cross Arts Festival begins. Part of its purpose is to promote the Cross, but this stuff doesn't make it easy!

Anyone would think Council still doesn't give a stuff about the Cross.

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