Thursday, October 07, 2004

'Knives out' for Robert Domm

'A culture of secrecy' had been encouraged by Council's former General Manager Robert Domm according to Greens Councillor Chris Harris.

A perfect example, he said, was that councillors had been informed of the removal of trees in Hyde Park only at 4pm yesterday afternoon.

Angela Catterns on 702 radio asked Harris about Robert Domm's attacks on Clover Moore in the press, commenting that the 'knives seemed to be out' against the Lord Mayor.

Harris replied that 'the knives should be out' for Robert Domm as he had encouraged a culture of secrecy and had kept councillors badly informed.

A new, more open culture among staff would now be encouraged to enable them to work more closely with councillors.

Asked about Domm's claims that the Mayor was unable to properly do her job because she is both member for Bligh and Lord Mayor, Harris said she worked extremely hard and the staff culture of secrecy had been the real problem.


Rachel Nicole said...

Hi, sorry, if you get the chance could you please explain the phrase "knives out"? I've never heard it before, other than as the title of a Radiohead song...

Anonymous said...

The question should be is if she works hard is she effective?

The Editor said...

Hi Rachel --'knives out' refers to an ancient form of assassination. 'Et tu Brute' was Julius Caesar's comment on the practice according to Shakespeare. Robert Domm's attacks on Clover could be referred to as sticking the knife in -- even though, according to the paper this morning, there was a clause in his severance agreement that he would not criticise council. Council is now looking at withholding all or some of his money.

A 'knife in the back' is a metaphor for a traitorous action.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, oh please we are a big international city. Why can't we have a full time Lord Mayor?