Friday, October 22, 2004

Fig tree blues

A well-written comment posted somewhere below:

Here's a copy of the e-mail I sent to Council today 22/10/04.

Dear Clover and Councillors,

Further to my e-mail of 6/10/04 re the destruction of the giant fig tree in Macdonald Lne, Potts Point:
I read with interest your 'city forest' approach to the greening of Sydney in Monday's newspapers. It is very commendable and necessary. Congratulations on your initiative.
It was, however, a great pity that more effort was not made to save the magnificent Port Jackson fig tree which was chainsawed on Wednesday 6th October in Macdonald Lane (behind Challis Ave)
Potts Point.
The owner of the property Rucksack Rest was allowed to have this wonderful tree removed because the roots were damaging his sewer pipes. What rubbish - pipes can be replaced with plastic pipes.
This tree was irreplaceable.
I have spoken to the City Council arborist, Matthew Waring, and he assures me that the tree was destroyed on condition that a replacement tree is planted.
Now, here is my point. I have spoken to the owner of Rucksack Rest (and voiced my disapproval of his action). He said he will have the stump removed in a year (as it has to die properly) and then
build a car garage where the tree was. (He did not mention a replacement tree.) DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN !! The property in question is on a blind corner and is unsafe and unsuitable for car
SOLUTION: I would like Council to remove the stump and plant an established tree with pipe-friendly roots as soon as possible. This could be part of your 'greening initiative.' It would give the many
apartment dwellers, who like me have had their wonderful tree destroyed and now look at other apartment windows, a peaceful and attractive outlook once again. The countless species of bird who have
lost their haven would sing with joy once more. And this part of Potts Point would once again have contented and happy citizens.
I would appreciate a reply.

Thanks and regards,


Anonymous said...

the question really is
what came first?
the council, the sewer or the tree

Anonymous said...

The Sun Herald 24/10/04

The Editorial is calling on Clover Moore to resign from The NSW Parliament in a well considered article.

Frankly I doubt if she cares a fig.