Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Council throws some light on Kings Cross

Kings Cross has been given the opportunity to come to life if Council's new draft signage plan is adopted.

The plan gives a green light to flashing and animated signage, and relaxes specific restrictions applied to sex industry premises by the previous council, which had attempted to limit these premises to only one sign.

'Creativity and innovation' in signage design has replaced a regime that enforced 'restraint' . Neon signage is to be encouraged in line with a strong push by locals and the Art Deco Society to have the neon heritage of Kings Cross recognised.

A few specific signs are to be retained after being identified in a heritage report commissioned by council -- for example the neon under-awning sign at 3C Roslyn Street.

The provisions recommend that signs are to be visually interesting and 'respond to the significant role of Darlinghurst Road as an entertainment precinct'.

The plan will be on exhibition for 28 days. Click on the headline to download the draft plan (item 3)


Anonymous said...

On exhibition for 28 days,but now operative.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and if you read todays Herald 14 October you will not be able to light up in a pub and according to Clover you will not be able to even stubb out the butts on the footpath.

Kings Cross is the best place to go if you want to buy and have a smoko.

This demonisation is a standard tactic of those who support prohibition and criminalisation. You have to ask why they have to distort the facts to justify their position.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Now that's what I call a Kings Cross signage plan!