Monday, October 18, 2004

KX questions to Council

The following email was sent to Kings Cross Place Manager Linda Mearing at 4.34pm on Monday 18 October. The answers will be posted here when they arrive.

'Hi Linda -- Readers of the Kings Cross Times have expressed concern about the library not yet being ready. Three related questions keep popping up, and I have promised to report on answers:

1. Can you provide the community with a new opening date for the library, and reasons for the extended delay?

2. Likewise, in reference to today's Telegraph story, people are asking why there appears to be little or no roadwork being done after 3pm even though extended working hours have been signalled for months. Is it a matter of no-one wanting to pay overtime rates?

3. The Llankelly Place lights have now been off for two months. Is Council still having trouble with parts suppliers, as you last indicated? When are they likely to be on again?

The above delays are particularly unfortunate considering the Arts festival has now officially begun. We are marketing it across inner Sydney, and part of our purpose is to promote Kings Cross. Is there any chance of Council fixing any of these problems in the next week or so? It would require someone fairly senior to change some priorities. Any likelihood?

These matters are now (again?) urgent. Can you help with information and /or some remedial action?

Best regards, Michael Gormly

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Anonymous said...

Labor councillor Tony Pooley in todays Sydney Morning Herald has given a name to the Clover Moore team. Well done Tony and why had it not been thought of before. THE VILLAGE PEOPLE.

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