Saturday, October 02, 2004

Noise mafia exposed

This email received from a Kings Cross resident throws an interesting light on the noise mafia.

'Met a woman last week in the next door building who is possibly a local ringleader in this kind of activity. She's set her own curfew for local noise and believes that all sounds must cease at 11pm. And she'll walk the streets at night searching for distant sounds that she can then go home and phone the police about. (She is also sensitive to distant lights that are too bright too). She won't let the police into her building to investigate her complaints any longer because too often they haven't really found enough to justify the complaints. I would've hoped by now that she would be considered a nuisance by the KX Police but apparently she still has a high level of success. Her husband doesn't have the same sensitivity to sound.'

It's reminiscent of the old lady who complained about lewd flashers living over the road. When the cops came, they couldn't see anything. The old dear replied, 'but if you climb up onto the wardrobe and look down at an angle you can!'

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