Monday, December 06, 2004

Autocracy equals 'flexibility' in Frankspeak

In the face of leaked plans which reveal Frank Sartor intends to give over 75% of the housing commission area in Waterloo to private development, Frank described his autocratic powers as simply giving him the 'flexibility' to solve the area's social problems. He knows full well this will sound reasonable to the average politically disengaged punter, and he will be able to isolate and ignore the locals who protest.

Meanwhile one woman who had lived there for 22 years, interviewed on radio today, lamented any break-up of her Waterloo community because of its close-knit self-help culture. 'When people are sick someone always visits and looks after them,' she said. 'Who will do that if we all have to move?'

Elsewhere Frank has derided those who protest his power to override heritage laws as 'heritage mafia'.

And word is that the first area to be declared 'state significant' will be the Block in Redfern, which will give Frank power to be his own consent authority. What could possibly go wrong?

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