Tuesday, December 14, 2004

It's all in the detail

Now we can see Darlinghurst Road in its finished state. What a relief!

Interesting how the council staff have applied their own agenda, in little ways. For instance, the KX Bikers have lost their bikes-only parking that had been so kindly granted by Lucy Turnbull. They are appealing (that's a verb, not an adjective).

And what's this? 1P and 2P parking signs -- yes, folks, it's to be parking meters until 10pm every night. Good for council, bad for businesses. I suppose it had to come, but it's interesting how they weren't mentioned in any of the 'consultation' we were supposed to have enjoyed.

Then there's the 24-hour Council-only parking in front of their own offices. Oh well, they ARE more important than ordinary Australians, I suppose.

And one small teething problem: several of the bluestone kerbs have already been dislodged by armoured vehicles mounting the footpath. They don't seem to get booked, either. I guess it's one rule for the banks and JC Decaux, another for the rest of us.

On the cloned smartpole banners: they make Kings Cross into a model city (a small imitation of the real thing). Let us rejoice at the politically correct snow crystals and multilingual captions. Remember, the official reality is the only reality.

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Anonymous said...

How dare they try to get rid of Animal? How dare they? They can hack our awnings, destroy our businesses, ruin the streetscape insult us with puerile banners, but touching Animal means WAR. How can we help save an institution? Animal needs to be placed on the heritage register. How about it Andrew?