Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The gang's all back!

Apparently today's Tele has reported a leaked document showing that former Council GM Robert Domm is already back with Frank Sartor -- running the Redfern/Waterloo Planning Authority. And guess who's turned up on Frank's hand-picked Board? Lucy Turnbull of course. That might explain why her repeated response to questions about it on radio was: 'something drastic has to be done.' Spoken like a true slum-clearing modernist. Personally I think we should bulldoze Point Piper and hand it back to the original inhabitants. That would be drastic! But then the big developers wouldn't be raking it in.

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THE Rev. James DeVere BleSt said...

Hello Michael,

Conspiracies Conspiracies Conspiracies. Perhaps our Reptilian Overlords are bored with the vetting of CV'S for their staff. The same old hacks at it again. If you want development don't ask developers. It's easier that way. Perhaps we should exile them to Port Moresby. Now that's the place that really needs the makeover, big time. Great stuff.