Thursday, December 16, 2004

Sartor in line for Carr-spot?

It's the scuttlebutt around the big end of town -- that Premier Carr is headed onwards and upwards while none other than Frank Sartor is being groomed for the top spot. That could be why Carr is getting all the unpopular decisions out of the way now -- so he can carry the opprobrium elsewhere and give Fix-it Frank a clearer run at the next election. If this is the case, I wonder what Costa/Scully/Refshauge/Knowles did wrong to be so nimbly leapfrogged?

Meet the new boss -- worse than the old boss. Look forward to an unbroken line of condo's right up the NSW coast, serviced by super-freeways paid for with money withdrawn from the arts budget and the total sale of the railway system. At least Bob pretends to be an environmentalist.

I'm thinking of writing a book examining the methods and principles of the reptilian elite of NSW, calling it "How to stay on the gravy train". It needs somehow to be written as a popular comedy, though. How?

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