Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Serious stabbing in Roslyn Street

A woman was stabbed near the heart during a robbery at the Kings Mixed Business on the corner of Roslyn St & Ward Avenue, according to a bystander. The attack occurred within the last hour and the woman was reported to be 'gushing blood'. Police have taped off the area.

There has been a spate of robberies in Darlinghurst Road over the past two weeks, some involving a knife, netting small amounts of cash -- $40 in one case where a tobacconist was robbed.

KX Police have been seen on pushbike patrols in the area. Perhaps there should be more of it -- the quick, silent bikes allow police to surprise criminals and to pursue them effectively.

UPDATE 2/12/04: at the PACT Police Community meeting last night Supt Steve Cullen told residents the alleged 21-year-old female attacker, who lived close by, was arrested at the scene. A struggle with screams had spilled out onto the street -- right opposite a Rose Bay Highway Patrol which was doing random licence checks on Ward Avenue. Three police intervened and applied first aid to the victim, aged in her 50s, who was stabbed in the neck. She was in a critical but stable condition after surgery at St Vincents Hospital, according to news reports this morning.

The highway patrol also caught two illegal immigrants driving cabs.


Anonymous said...

A drunken brawl last week. A shop owner stabbed this week. One more shop closure with possibly another three next week. Last night an angry shop owner confronts our local member of parliament along Darlinghurst Rd and is told “I don’t care”

Anonymous said...

this forum is becomung fairly useless, when anyone can say anything withoyut any proof or accountability. Last night at the Pact meeting NO ONE SAID "I dont care" to the shop keeper, if anything i think there was concern. While it may not get her shop back its along way from being an uncaring community.Shame on you for lying who ever you are.

The Editor said...

The comment was allegedly made in Darlinghurst Road, not at the PACT meeting. The shopkeeper had apparently become quite heated.

Anonymous said...

The first comment talks about walking along Darlinghurst Rd there is no mention whatsoever about a PACT meeting whatever that is.

Anonymous said...

When is someone, ANYONE - Police, Council, Rangers, whoever !!! going to take some steps to achieve some change in this area ?

Editor, you yourself said recently that this violence (referring to the street brawl) does not usually affect locals who are tucked up in bed when these things occur - do you still stick by that complacent attitude ? Does this fit into the bohemian image that we want KX to retain ?

A stabbing, street robberies, a huge street brawl - all within 100m of the police station - all in one week.

Does anyone else find it ironic that a Rose Bay patrol assisted this poor woman whilst they were doing 'random license checks' 100m from Kings Cross police station ? Is this really the best use of police manpower considering the current crime climate ?

Finally, who really cares about illegal taxi drivers when people are being stabbed ???

Anonymous said...

Kings Cross is dying. The shopkeepers are dying. The shops are dying. The hotels have died. The backpacker hostels are dying. Nothing has been said in our parliament about this tragedy.

We have a useless Kings Cross Partnership that represents itself. A do nothing organization. No one to represent business and no one to represent residents. HELP !

The Editor said...

Editor's reply -- yes, I stand by the fact that by far the most common real trouble we have in the Cross happens at night and involves yobbos having a dust-up. Events like yesterday's will hopefully remain rare, especially as that alleged violent thief will presumably remain behind bars for a LONG time.

It IS ironic that Rose Bay police caught her -- hence my point about more pushbike patrols -- they can respond faster, pursue more effectively and catch the bastards by surprise. That would help the community far more than the hundreds of pot busts they spend their time on.