Monday, December 06, 2004

Twas the night before Xmas

Someone posted this comment below. You have to pay the poetry!

The Night Before Christmas
By Warren Brown

Twas the night before Christmas,
When all through the town
The whole city's gone quiet and the lights are turned down.

No Town Hall bright tinsel
Is strung out this year.
No carols are heard
No laughter, no cheer.

No Christmas tree baubles.
No presents as well.
No Dancer, no Prancer,
No Santa, Noel.

So why isn't our city
The worlds greatest starter,
Its all over Clover-
Where the hell is Frank Sartor ?


Anonymous said...

Hi Editor/Michael,

After such a slamming of Clover Moore's Xmas decorations by you, based on the Daily Terror's false accusations and false quotes(later admitted and apologised on the front page of the Daily Terror), the least you could do now is correct your false accusations by apologising for blogging based on the rubbish that you accept from the Daily Terror. I know how much you love to criticise people, so I suspect that you won't do this...I guess I can live in hope. You will note that most of your last blogs have been dedicated and committed to the great expose that is Xmas decorations. Surely you have something better to blog about.

Kings Cross Resident and blog reader

The Editor said...

The editor replies:

I had rather thought that my reportage leaned the other way, consistent with my habit thru this blog of deconstructing the Tele's spin attack. I quote:

'John Howard...(snip) ...obviously believing the Tele's line that the City was going slow on the decorations so as not to offend non-christian religions.

A spokesman from Clover's office questioned the accuracy of the Tele's story, pointing out that this year's $600,000 Xmas budget was higher than last year's.'

That hardly endorses the Tele's accuracy.

My story spent most of its time criticising PREVIOUS years' decorations, which to my mind showed the problem was endemic to council and had little to do with Clover. If she had tripled the budget the Tele, by its past record, would have slammed her for that!

Re the poem, it's a beauty, and that person is entitled to their opinion although different from mine. In the original post I wrote 'While I don't agree with the sentiment, you have to pay the poetry' but later decided my opinion was obvious enough elsewhere, so out of respect for the contributor I deleted that bit. It's a bit like walking a tightrope! And it's not that serious.

Thanks for your interest, and keep the polite comments coming!

Until council lets us have a community noticeboard, this is it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Editor,

Thanks for your response. You seem to have been very selective in the quotes to justify your argument. The emotive words you have used to do not assist your case:

"The Tele has another swipe at Clover Moore today over the pathetic Xmas decorations in Sydney. It's not one of council's strong suits, that's for sure..."

Combined with your slamming (to use your word) of last year's xmas decorations immediately beneath this sentence sends the message that you substantially agreed with the Daily Terror. Not only that, but you also published a poem the subject of which is, specifically, Clover's deficiencies in xmas decorations. Cutting it a bit fine is an understatement.

A Local.

The Editor said...

Ah -- a debate! I must take that last comment to task...

'"The Tele has another swipe at Clover Moore today... ''

What's biased about that statement? The Tele DID take a swipe (as distinct from reporting some news).

"...over the pathetic Xmas decorations in Sydney. It's not one of council's strong suits, that's for sure..."

That's just unfortunate fact. They are pathetic and it's not one of COUNCIL's strong suits. Whaddaya want me to to -- pretend they're wonderful?

My criticism of previous year's deco's then supports my claim that it's not one of COUNCIL's strong suits, thus deleting Clover as the point of the discourse.

If you want to hear bias, try Ray Hadley -- yesterday I heard him say, in the same breath, 'Spend some extra money Clover and get those nativity scenes in place NOW, and the government should stop wasting good public money on more transit lanes!' I think the man's about as sincere as an insurance salesman.

Anonymous said...

You can attempt to justify your opinions through technical details as much as you like. Its the impression that YOU give people as to YOUR opinion. I rest my case.

The Editor said...

I agree -- All along with the KX times my opinion has been perfectly obvious and always backed up with evidence or argument. That, I believe is an honest approach, especially when I also give space to those who disagree -- as with the poem above.

This differs from the dishonest approach of certain other media who present selected facts disguised as hard news to support their agenda.

If that's too technical, I apologise. Maybe I assume a too-analytical approach for some readers -- but one can only cater to some of the people all of the time.

And some issues, like this one, are complex in that there is right and wrong on both sides of the equation. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...


Well, again you comprehensively justify my argument. You start with "All along with the KX times my opinion has been perfectly obvious". Your opinion, or readers impression of your opinion (to which you agreed with me in your last comment), was that you agreed with the Daily Terror AND the poem that you published. Not the opposite.

The Editor said...

I thought you had rested your case! I think my comments above, even if they are a bit 'technical' , rebut your arguments. Being technical does not harm their validity -- after all, this is a semantic analysis.

You say I quote my words selectively -- that's also fine because I am quoting the bits that explicitly support my case. The fact of their existence ought to mitigate the impression you seem to have got. And if you follow this blog, your impression would certainly be that I habitually expose unfair attacks on Clover -- or anybody for that matter -- from the press.

I rest my case.