Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Comments from the Neon Forum

Use one of the many empty shops or banks in Darlinghurst Road to set up a
museum of neon and a gallery for neon artists -- attract tourists -- get
mentioned in the guide books -- keep the neon and add more.
ANON, Kings Cross resident

Is there an artist-in-residence program for City of Sydney? What council
staff are there at the moment who are art literate and who can write
policy? -- ANON

Artists presence in community should not be gratis. The economy of others
grows. Artists still starve. Council should trial an Arts + Industry
program for neon public art as has been done in Christchurch New Zealand.
-- LOMA BRIDGE, Artist and resident Kings Cross lomab@ihug.com.au

Neon introduces an astral spirit to the streetscape. We need some
illumination to alleviate our burden of negotiating the filthy new
footpaths and gutters in the Cross. Neon will divert ous from the trashy
ground. -- JOANNE BURNS, Kings Cross Resident and Writer

I am on the same side as all the neonites. I hope that we will all fit into
the gallery. -- CHRISTOPHER DEAN, Artist and Art Historian

Let there be an artist + designer component in the street look. Be bloody,
bold and resolute. -- PETER FAY, Artist and Curator

I adore the Coca Cola sign and am taking some nightime photos to blow them
up for framing. -- DEREK HAND, resident Macleay Street

A good panel, some stimulating inputs.
-- MARDI KENNEDY, Indigo Books

I endorse the ideas behind the preservation of what is left of the neon on
Kings Cross and also the creation of new neon if it is seen as possible in
the realm of public art works in the area.
-- THERESE KENYON, Director, Manly Art Gallery & Museum & Kings Cross resident

Artists bring to public spaces a consideration which has the potential to
enhance community and place-sense belonging. Employ artists-as-designers as
inner municipal government consultants, to assist in all areas of policy
development. -- RUARK LEWIS, ruarklewis@iinet.net.au

What a great way to take the charm out of the cross!
-- MALCOLM RAMAGE, Brougham Street, Kings Cross

Keep the neon on the buildings. Make neon a compulsory part of all building
signage. Run competitions and give prizes. Promote the neon in adverts in
cinemas. -- TONI WARBURTON, Artist

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