Monday, August 23, 2004

Keep the Cross bizarre

A Woolloomooloo woman who would rather not be named has seen some interesting sights in the streets lately.

In the recent rain she spotted a very large woman in Brougham Street walking up the road completely naked.

A few nights later in Brougham Lane the classic guy in a raincoat flashed her, apparently only half-prepared for the exhibition.

'I've seen better' was her deflating comment as she left the crestfallen guy standing there.

Then on Sunday night in McElhone Street two guys on scooters attempted to hold her up -- with a metal comb as a weapon. She told them to F***k off and warned them that she now had them clocked and they had better behave in future. The two ten-year-olds skulked off, humiliated.

They had previously been chucked out of Nick's Supermarket in Cathedral Street for riding their scooters in the shop.

The woman did not call the police.

'What's the use?' she said.


Anonymous said...

I work in a shop in Kings Cross. One day an attracive woman stood at the door whilst I was serving a customer. As quick as a flash she raised her sweater exposing her bare breasts and just as quickly she ran away laughing.

On another occasion I was walking down Darlinghurst Rd with a visitor from Japan and a fat young woman quickly raised her dress and exposed her hairy fanny. I asked the Japanese visitor "did you see that" yes he said and we kept walking.

But best of all was the look on the faces of two elderly women waiting to cross the road at the Bayswater Rd lights. A young couple with their arms around each other strode out across the road when the lights were red. A car shot by and the wind blew her tiny skirt up to her middle and exposed the cutest bare arse. The two elderly Japanese women looked at each other in total disbelief as the couple continued across the road unaware of the amazed look of the tourists.

Oh how I wished I had a camera.


Anonymous said...

It seems sexual libertarians still exist in the Cross. Fred Nile and the other wowsers trying to kill - oops - clean up the Cross had better get their skates on to stop this disgusting affront to decent society.