Wednesday, August 25, 2004

New graffiti policy to be exhibited

After a lot of community pressure to revise its policy on graffiti and pole posters, City of Sydney decided on Monday night to put a new proposal on public exhibition for 28 days.

People from Newtown were really annoyed, after the forced council amalgamation, when the City's green crusaders swooped and removed not only graffiti but most of the street art and everyones pole posters. Suddenly people who had lost their cat couldn't advertise the fact. Many said the character and colour of their community had been destroyed, and that the only public information allowed was commercial or official.

We in the Cross have been experiencing that for ages! All members of the public who addressed Council's Cultural Committee last week supported a less strict regime.

One proposal is that non-commercial pole posters be allowed to stay up for 7 days before removal -- the garage sale or room-for-rent type of thing.

There is also interest in differentiating the funky stencil art appearing around the inner city from tag-style graffiti, but this is a bit radical for Clover Moore who is ever-mindful of the very loud screams about graffiti from some sections of the community.

When the documentation from Council arrives we'll post the details and where you can lodge a comment.

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Anonymous said...

Dear editor:click hereWould you consider having on your main page a link to the DA page of city council .

Also I note that 7o Darlinghurst Rd is referred to as Potts Point in the council DA.
Is this renaming of the location "Kings Cross" part of the Darlinghurst Rd upgrade?