Tuesday, August 03, 2004

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This is the first edition of Kings Cross Times online


Anonymous said...

It is nice to see that while marketing your first edition, you break the law. Are you familiar with the laws about Bill Posters and Graffiti?

When someone tells you not to stick something to their shopfront, they mean it. After all, it is PRIVATE PROPERTY!

I think you know who I am so feel free to come and discuss this problem with me seeing you were so aggressive and argumentative with one of my workers. I may even still pursue this through legal channels so I hope you have allowed a budget for legal issues. At this rate, you will be broke before your second issue comes out.

I have to say, I read some of the crap in your newsletter and find it to be the most boring and poorly written piece of toilet paper I have ever had the displeasure of coming into contact with.

No wonder you do not provide your real name, an address or some legitimate contact details so people can contact you.

Keep your crap off my shopfront! When YOU pay the rent, only then can you do as you wish.


The Editor said...

Thanks for your polite feedback. It was your 'employee' who was aggressive. I asked him to read the poster before he took it off but he wanted it the other way around. I said I was happy with that.

Sorry if having a poster on your shopfront offends you. It was newspapered-over and looked unused. All you had to do was take it off.

I did point out to your friend that what we are doing is in your interest as a shopfront business -- the council's signage policy restricts you to a maximum 1170 x 200mm sign which must include your street number. You are not allowed to have it animated, or use flourescent colours, or use any additional lighting, or display third-party product names, and fascia signage is limited to 50% of your shopfront width.
Furthermore, every shop sign in Kings Cross is supposed to look exactly the same.
We think this will make the Cross really dull and your passing trade will drop as a result.
Hence we are trying to pressure Council to relax the signage DCP for Kings Cross and allow you to advertise your business as you see fit, including the use of neons to enhance the bright-light image traditional in the Cross.

Again, sorry for offending, and I trust you will take on board the issue and understand we are just trying to give the local community a voice.

Happy to discuss -- regards, Michael

biff said...

You are a big bully, pushing that truth-telling employee around with your secret agendas! We all know you want to deface that man's shop with your propaganda. How dare you try to communicate!
That shop-lessee obviously has a far-reaching vision...he can see that with falling customer numbers, after a while more businesses will go broke (the ones with the interesting posters on them that people ignore) and the RENT WILL GO DOWN! Silly, can't you see?

Anonymous said...

I reckon that all buskers should be banned from the Cross. They only show that some artists need money to survive.

biff said...

By the way...who is Bill Posters and Graffiti?
Who has the right to pass laws about individuals?
Sounds backwards and stentorian to me!
More voice to the common man, I say!

biff said...

Dear Michael, thought I'd relate a few facts regarding King's Cross, and its impact on the tourists that come to Sydney.
When the folk arrive, they experience the usual Customs treatment and are processed at the airport. From then on, Australia, and Sydney, start to fascinate.
Coach drivers are trained to acclimatise the visitors to Sydney in a few minutes, and the first thing the people see is the Cross.
On the way to the Hotel, an easy route for the Captain is via the 'Cross.
King's Cross is attraction number ONE. You guessed it, just a quick blast up Southern Cross Drive and the newcomers are deep into Australian history.
Known originally as Queen's Cross, this was a meeting point of Sydney's tramways, where the working class lived (lives?) and congregated, and the streetscape is still there, if succumbing gradually to the blandness of the greater part of the CBD design traits.
The tourists have all heard of this place, and want to be surprised and delighted by the 'Cross. They expect to see the more risque side of Sydney's people, and they all know that if one seeks some excitement, away from the conservative world, one must come to King's Cross and spend dollars enjoying one of the world's most diverse and fascinating nightspots.
I reckon the bright lights are so important, the alleys so integral, the people so unique, that this place has to survive as it was, and as it will naturally be, into the future.
Don't change the place, make it more gaudy and brash.
People want to see King's Cross as they know it to be, a melting pot of all that is good and grainy.
Long live the Strip Club and the Brothel.

biff said...

Mike, the clip for "Saturday Night" by Cold Chisel has some great footage of the Cross in it's later years...remember that old "different" fella with the harmonica and the aluminium pot busking on Darlinhurst Road?
How about "Breakfast at Sweethearts"..."the coffee's hot and the toast is brown"...and "she don't smile or flirt...she just wears that miniskirt"...a little Cafe towards the end of Darlo road..
This was the era of the "Manzil Room" in Springfield Avenue, that hosted all the great Rock n Roll bands of the 70's and 80's.
How about Rose Tattoo's "Struck by Manzil Madness"....from the "Assault and Battery" album, a later comment about the place.
There was the "Rock Garden" on William Street, a haunt of The Church, Mi-Sex, "Flowers" (later Icehouse), and the Tatts, of course, and all the Big bands from Oz and overseas.
Remember the Heritage Hotel, down the bottom of the Cross, with its Roundhouse glass stage for the bands that were game to play there!
This place is older and more famous than any of us have experienced, and needs not to fade into obscurity for the sake of some money-spinning developers.
Long Live the Cross!

biff said...

P.S I reckon Bill Posters and Graffiti are relatives of Strip Club and Brothel.....