Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Fogg clears on neon push

Sydney lighting legend Roger Foley AKA Ellis D. Fogg has weighed into the neon story. Seems he submitted a neon design for the site of the poo on sticks but was beaten by Ken Unsworth who put up one of his wonderful floating rock concepts which was subsequenty compromised into what you see now. He mentions that the Dunlop sign, extant before the freeway divided Darlinghurst, was censored in the 50s -- a giant arrow pulsating through a huge tyre just above a strip club and a brothel.

Coincidentally there are renewed and independent calls for a giant neon sculpture on the site. Mr Fogg was famous in the 60s for his oil-slide light shows at rock concerts. There are just enough brain cells (I think) to remember his lighting of Tully, the Sydney Symphony and Jeannie Lewis at the Love 2000 show way back when.

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