Tuesday, August 31, 2004

More Fogg on The Cross

Roger Foley AKA Ellis D. Fogg (see story and link below) has revealed more snippets re the history of illumination in the Cross (Heatwave is a movie based on the Juanita Neilson murder):

'I also have footage from Phil Noyces movie HEATWAVE showing additional
lighting effects animated and static to enhance Darlinghurst Road for the
shoot ( on New Years eve) It was very brave of Phil to have a scene in his
movie actually shot on New Years Eve with actors mingling and running
through crowds of real revellers, Quite fun times.

'We also projected bubbling liquid coming out of a painted bottle on the
front of Kingsgate before the Coke sign went up. I have pics of that

Foley is presently occupied full tilt on the Songlines Festival.

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