Wednesday, August 25, 2004

An ode to Animal

by Guy Stanford, Chairman of the Motorcycle council NSW and Chips.

He is known far and wide as "Animal". He has given happiness, joy and hope to thousands of disabled children, elderly and the disadvantaged with his team known as The Kings Cross Bikers Social And Welfare Club.

And he has now been officially recognised for his hard work and huge heart. Animal has been awarded an O.A.M in the Queens Honours List. It has and still is a pleasure to be part of the club ispired by Animal, Steptoe and Ferral. Who's dream was simply to find a way to help others. Look past the gruff exterior and through the leather and you will see what a real role model should aspire to be.
By members of the Kings Cross Bikers Social And Welfare Club

"By their good works ye shall know them"

Anyone who doesn't know Animal would be surprised to meet him, he really doesn't look the part, but with dedication, enthusiasm and a heart as big as the oceans he has brought comfort and practical help to many in need. A motorcycle rider, a remarkably kind and cheerful man, a Vietnam Vet.

Never one to tolerate obstruction or prejudice, he has shifted the thinking of many who would just not care and hope the troubled people would just go away. By speaking up for what is right and good and leading by example, giving and giving again with generosity, he has earned this award many times over. Many disadvantaged children wouldn't have known the good feelings of Christmas without the efforts of Animal and Kings Cross Bikers.

Disadvantaged elderly and disabled people are not glamorous, but are real people with real needs and Animal and his club help them out. His club, Kings Cross Bikers are as deserving of praise as Animal himself and can stand up, proud of the work they have done over many, many years. While Animal is fairly easy to spot, remember there are many others in the club who regularly slog their hearts out and have made the achievements possible through just "getting on with the job". Other clubs who have lent their support to the efforts of Animal and KXB for fundraising efforts can be proud of their works too. Thanks to Kobbers, Bikers Australia, Brotherhood CMC and others.

The MCC of NSW congratulates our fellow riders.
Guy Stanford
Motorcycle Council of NSW

When we do right, no-one remembers.
When we do wrong, no-one forgets


Anonymous said...

The link for this item is not working:

Did you include the http://

птица (Ptiza) Odelay said...

Hoorah for Animal.

Anonymous said...

The Kings Cross Bikers do an awesome job. Unpaid and often treated as outsiders by society because of their gruff exterior, they go out of their way to give enjoyment and help others.

Good on you guys and girls, keep up the great work and remember
There are people out here in this world that do believe in you

bluelady said...

Animal will be missed by many forgotten by few and loved by everyone he touched

Gods Speed Mate


Blue Lady from Lithgow

The Editor said...

Hi there Blue Lady,

Would you believe the local NIMBYS are having a go at getting rid of the dedicated bike parking in Darlinghurst Road. Already moved away from the "Sacred Tree" because the fumes from the bikes entered Tomatillo Restaurant, residents in Darlinghurst Road are now complaining to Police and Council about the noise from the bikes.

"We have paid for resident parking permits and we don't have dedicated space," said one neurotic at te Police Community meeting this week.

These people move into the Strip and expect it to be quiet. Seriously.